Centrally control your PDMRs, permanent insiders and project insiders with our software; a responsive system to facilitate a more seamless compliance process.

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Problems we solve

Manage your lists

We provide the tools to manage your PDMRs, and your permanent and project insiders. With unlimited project lists, you can ensure that you are always able to keep your information up to date with changes being made in real-time. Simultaneously handle communication with your insiders through the same system.

Online clearance

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Business Process & Communications

Admin only
Employee Access
Permanent insider lists/PDMRs
Easily manage, maintain, and communicate with your permanent insiders and PDMRs.
Permanent insider lists/PDMRs
Unlimited project lists
Track your price-sensitive, confidential, and financial results lists.
Unlimited project lists
Online clearance requests
Allow employees to submit a request for clearance and alert your approver(s) automatically.
Online clearance requests
Clearance request workflows for Company approvers
Allow designated approvers the ability to review, approve or decline clearance requests in real time.
Clearance request workflows for Company approvers
Online acknowledgements
Prompt employees to communicate their acknowledgement externally, to be recorded in the system.
Acknowledgement form presented within the system, with responses automatically captured and stored.
Assign project/list managers
Delegate control and ownership by nominating project list managers, who take responsibility for maintaining specific project lists.
Assign project/list managers
A suite of standard templates alongside customizable email and message content to align with brand language.
Selection of ad-hoc, automatically triggered, and scheduled messaging.
On-screen messages for employees
Simple colour scheme and logo to match your corporate branding.
Reporting & Audit
MAR reporting & audit report
Report builder tool


Application Access
Access the application on PC or mobiles, anytime.
Sign-on Security
Robust sign-on security in line with OWASP best practices and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
User access management
Admins have full control over the user access management which, along with a robust permission system, ensures you can align the system with your company policies.
User access management
Dedicated databases ensure secure separation of your data.
Data security
Data encryption at rest and in transit, and hardened servers keep your data secure while regular penetration tests and constant threat monitoring via SEIM ensure your data stays safe.
Data security


Issue / incident management ticket system.
Phone line provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with us?

HWC has a rich history of successful systems for leading organizations around the world. We combine effective products with excellent and responsive service.

Where are the systems located?

Typically, the applications are hosted in London, UK. If there is a need for location-based data storage, then there are options to use data centres in the EU and US. There are also options for on premises (within your own corporate network) or within your own cloud space such as Azure.

Who uses your products?

Our applications are used by a wide range of organisations of all sizes, from FTSE 100 to private companies. The key factor tends to be an organisation which needs a system to complement, enhance and expand their activities, rather than having to re-design processes, inputs, and outputs to fit a system.

Will our data be safe?

Yes. Your data will be held in a secure environment, and you will control who has access to the system and the ability to enter and edit any data.

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