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Who we are

20+ Years Delivering Solutions

Established in 1994, HWC build advanced software systems for the rewards and remuneration market. We have developed and maintained technical solutions for a number of national and global clients including the FTSE 500 and current Top Track 250 organisations.

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We become part of your team, working together with shared objectives and complete trust. Collaboration extends seamlessly into long term business intimacy.

We make managing compensation simple, so you can design and implement reward programmes that have the biggest impact.

For over 20 years, HWC have been providing technical reward solutions for a number of top-tier, global organisations. Whether you have an elite global talent pool of 100 executives or need to look after 100,000+ employees, a small dedicated team provides the same bespoke and intimate service. Having designed, delivered and maintained a number of large-scale web enabled database systems, both through software as a service (SaaS) and integrated within the client’s own infrastructure, the team at HWC is well versed in the management and delivery of such projects.

Our client service speaks volumes: all of our business has come from referrals from satisfied customers and this can be attributed to our people and the approach they adopt to their work. We have carefully assembled a diverse team of skilled people and we are lucky to have each and every one of them. For our clients and staff alike, it is based on trust – we pride ourselves that our average staff and client retention is 10 years, showing a huge degree of trust in HWC as a company, a team and a client partner.



John Thrower Managing Director

John Thrower

Managing Director

A blend of leadership, strategic forward thinking, tactical implementation and plain old roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

John started with HWC in 2001, initially combining the use of his IT skills with the hands-on administration of client services. His experience has imbued John with a strong sense of realism and pragmatism; his focus is on melding technology to the needs of the end-user, knowing when and how to apply technology rather than just doing so “for the sake of it”. In addition to designing and implementing systems, John also liaises between clients and their own internal, or 3rd party, IT teams, ensuring their engagement with the client’s systems, processes and strategies.

John joined the Board of HWC in 2008 as Technical Director and was promoted to Managing Director in 2012.

The people behind the magic


Jon Dixon

Founding Director


Ann Dempster

Founding Director

What We Do

HWC delivers co-created bespoke solutions, so you can plan, model and implement comprehensive reward programmes.

We build our reward systems to fit our client's remuneration plans and processes, both now and in the future – each client we work with is different in their needs, approach and solution to implement.

Our reward and remuneration software can include the planning, implementing and modelling of all aspects of reward, including base pay, bonus arrangements, equity management (long term incentive plans and share option plans) and other benefits / perks.

As our reward systems are bespoke to our client requirements, they can range from one end of the reward spectrum to the other. For example, it could just cover an annual base pay and / or bonus review process, be a share plan administration system or it could be an all-encompassing total reward management and communication platform. We can also integrate reward with performance and talent management in one system if this is required.

Our solutions are often used in situations where:

  • There are multiple flows of process and data which need to feed and interact with one another;
  • Where complex rules exist;
  • Where the client may require our additional day-to-day support within their business processes or
  • Where there are stringent design / implementation constraints, for example where there are the strictest levels of security protocols that must be met.

Our reward solutions range from managing and communicating with a small group of key executives, to global schemes covering thousands of employees.

HWC make besopke software

How We Do It

A Bespoke System

We believe you should never have to adapt your processes or ambitions to the limitations of standardised software. It's your solution, built without compromise.

Continuous Development

Software is rarely 'finished' - we continue to develop and deliver the best software to fit your changing business needs.

We Care

Partnership and individual attention are our hallmarks. Not only is our software bespoke to our clients' needs, but so is our service.


The system is built for you, so it is important that you feel and are part of the design and development team.
Because we’re external, some clients prefer us to help them manage their reward administration. We become part of your team, working together with shares objectives and complete trust.

No Compromise

We are agile in responding to demands and we understand and meet deadlines. We feel your pain when you feel it; more importantly we understand it and can work together with you to react in whatever way best provides the necessary solution.

Starting at the end

We don't start with the inputs, we start with the end results you are hoping this system will achieve, or the issues that you want the system to help you overcome.
It's important for us to understand how information flows and is communicated from one area to another so that true value can be leveraged from your data.

HWC working process diagram

Why Work with Us?

We know there are other companies out there that you could choose to work with so why choose us? It's a good question and one you shouldn't be afraid of asking in view of the size and importance of the decision.

Here are some of the reasons our clients continue to choose to work with us :

various quotes from our clients

A History of Success – HWC is able to provide a rich history of successful systems in leading organisations around the world.

various client logos, WPP, Vodafone, JWT, RSA etc.
WPP Family Tree of compaines

Collaboration extends seamlessly into long term business intimacy.

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