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Complete compensation and compliance software. Crafted for people, by people.

Choose software created to strengthen your business processes at your organisation from a team of experts with over 20 years of experience. HWC has developed and maintained technical solutions for a number of national and global clients, including FTSE 100 and current Top Track 250 organisations.

Our Software


Flows and processes set-up to match the flows and processes of your organisation and remuneration calendar.

  • Application workflows to match company processes
  • Tailored scope
  • Breadth of processes covering all aspects of reward management
  • Pre-set and customised reporting
  • Custom email content & messaging
  • Robust sign-on security & SSO capability
  • Dedicated served or on-premises hosting
  • Assigned account manager


Built to meet your specifications at any capacity, enabling you to take control of you insider list management, trading, auditing, and more.

  • Unlimited permanent and project insider lists
  • PDMR management
  • MAR Reports set to FCA requirements
  • Complete system Audit Report
  • Online clearance request facility
  • Capture online employee acknowledgements
  • Robust sign-on security
  • Secured data and encryption
  • Assigned account manager
  • Bespoke clearance requests to match your requirements
  • Custom email content and messaging
  • Dedicated branding to match your guidelines
  • SSO support
  • Separate servers or on-site hosting

How we work with your business

We build systems with your needs in mind, working to create software that seamlessly integrates with your organisation.


Total rewards and compliance software that is tailored for your business to provide the best solution.


Over 20 years of experience providing compensation management systems to complex organisations.


Get reliable software from experts who work with FTSE 100 and current Top Track 250 organisations.


Compensation management and compliance software that is built with your goals in mind.

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We become part of your team, working together with shared objectives and complete trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with us?

HWC has a rich history of successful systems for leading organizations around the world. We combine effective products with excellent and responsive service.

Where are the systems located?

Typically, the applications are hosted in London, UK. If there is a need for location-based data storage, then there are options to use data centres in the EU and US. There are also options for on premises (within your own corporate network) or within your own cloud space such as Azure.

Who uses your products?

Our applications are used by a wide range of organisations of all sizes, from FTSE 100 to private companies. The key factor tends to be an organisation which needs a system to complement, enhance and expand their activities, rather than having to re-design processes, inputs, and outputs to fit a system.

Will our data be safe?

Yes. Your data will be held in a secure environment, and you will control who has access to the system and the ability to enter and edit any data.