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About us

We make managing compensation and MAR simple.

Established in 1994, HWC build advanced software systems for the rewards and remuneration market, and for assisting with MAR compliance. We have developed and maintained technical solutions for a number of national and global clients including FTSE 100, current Top Track 250, and private organisations. We become part of your team, working together with shared objectives and complete trust. Your priority is collaboration that extends seamlessly into long-term business intimacy.

John Thrower

Managing Director

John has been a part of HWC since 2001, joining the Client Services division before heading up the IT services team, specialising in bespoke technical design. After joining the Board of HWC in 2008 as Technical Director, John took on the role of Managing Director in 2012. In his role, John oversees the running of HWC, melding the development and client facing teams to create a unique service of technical expertise driven by client focused aims. John also works at a strategic level directly with our clients and their IT and compliance teams.

Harry Thompson

Head of Product Development

Harry joined HWC in 2006, working in the IT Services team as a key developer, becoming IT Team lead in 2012. Harry moved to head of HWCs product development in 2020, working within the client teams to bring his experience and technical expertise to current client solutions, while ensuring continual improvement of HWC’s core products.

Christina Sheppard

Client Services Manager

Christina became a part of the HWC team in 2019, working in the IT Services testing team before moving into the Client Services delivery team. Christina now provides key account and project management to some of HWCs international compensation and benefits clients, while working with the Board on HWCs own remuneration programmes and HR processes.

Steve Vanston

Head of Client Services

Steve joined HWC in 2009, after a career in the financial services sector. Steve is now head of HWC’s Client Services team, ensuring high level customer service is provided to all clients, while also providing key account management to some of HWCs largest clients. Steve will often oversee the initial design and planning with new and potential clients, bringing his experience of compensation and MAR compliance services to the discovery process.

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We become part of your team, working together with shared objectives and complete trust.